Incinerator Systems Operating:
  • In sub zero climates to jungle environments
  • At sea level to 9,000 feet
  • In over 50 nations
  • Tropical island ocean environment to arid desert extreme heat

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Low Cost Waste Feeding Options

Pennram Incinerators. Small Incinerators  

Lever Operated Hydraulic Feed

• 30% reduced cost

• Hydraulic functions are operated by levers (like a backhoe)

• Same frame, same fire door, same housing, same hopper lid,
and same charge ram

• Same operator safety

• Feeds waste under airlock condition

• Isolates the operator from the combustion chamber

• Improves emission performance and fuel efficiency

• Does not employ PLC, position sensors, solenoid valves,
automated feed sequences, and self corrective logic

Pennram Incinerators. Small Incinerators   Direct Manual Feed

• Generally only used for one to two hours per day

• Feeds when cold and off line to prevent upset of controlled thermal process

• Started after feeding, and after doors are closed
Pennram Incinerators. Small Incinerators   Not Appropriate

Client attempts Direct Manual
Feed for extended operation
against factory advice